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Your Stories

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  • Raven's Brew at Sea

    Raven's Brew at Sea

    "I went to work for Princess Cruises 5 yrs. ago. Had my first cup at one of the shops in town and I was hooked! It was quad shot lattes with skim and no whip for me..." 

    -Debra J.

  • Comics and Coffee!

    Comics and Coffee!

    "My story isn't romantic with the sites, sounds, & beauty of Alaska; although one day I hope to visit, mine is more "comical.” My late husband and son were seriously into comic book & graphic novel collecting (something they could do together that was all theirs). My husband Roy was a huge coffee lover (& quite frankly a coffee snob..."

    -Lisa N.

  • Dark Roasts = Life Changers

    Dark Roasts  = Life Changers

    "I was supposed to go on an Alaskan cruise with my girlfriend and her family, but I couldn't make it.  Whenever I go somewhere, I simply must try the local coffee, and my girlfriend brought me back a bag of Raven's Brew Ebony Pearls..." 

    -Erik L.

  • Cruisin' for a BREWsin'

    Cruisin' for a BREWsin! 

    "Came off the cruise ship in Ketchikan looking for a GOOD cup of coffee on a cold and cloudy morning. Saw the RAVENS AND SKULLS on the bag and about lost my mind..." 

    -Marianna R. 

  • Forever Sippin' Raven's Brew

      Forever Sippin' Raven's Brew 

     "I love great coffee. I started drinking coffee as a child of 9. The old woman who lived next to us growing up, fed it to me so that I might torment my parents properly. It worked beautifully and our bond was cemented. Years later I joined the Marines and used it to push through the 19hr days in the field as an infantryman. I am now in my forties and it is just as much a part of my life as breathing is..."



  • Deep in Raven's Brew Love

    Deep in Raven's Brew Love 


    "We first found Ravens Brew while working a summer job in Denali State Park. The employee dining/kitchen offered a rather horrible option for coffee (burnt and watery...). So we sought out the nearest grocery store and went looking for a local (to Alaska at least) coffee company that offered whole beans... Low and behold, Ravens Brew showed itself to us and..." 

    -Jacs and Ethan

  • Resurrection Heals All Wounds

    Resurrection Heals All Wounds 

    “I was Skiing in Yellow Stone Club in Montana and went to Roxies Market. looking for some good local beans and lo and behold I saw Resurrection calling to me..." 


    - Catherine W.

  • For the Love of Deadman

    For the Love of Deadman  

    "At the time, I was living in east Tennessee… Due to the nature of my work, and the tools necessary, I have to drive to each of my customer's locations. Coffee was not only a necessity, but I have become a bit of a 'Coffee Snob.’ I tried coffee shops outside of the chains..." 

    -Dan H.
    Tennessee, California, Nevada

  • Raven's Brew Joy!

    "We’ve been huge fans of Raven’s Brew for many years…ever since we first came across it at Many Hands Trading in Corvallis. So, when we cruised through Ketchikan..."

    -Joan Rose of Corvallis, Oregon and Stella Rose-Wyatt of Hempstead, NY



  • The Deadman's Reach

    The Deadman's Reach

    "On the coffee shelf I saw the Ravens Brew coffee… the designs literally spoke to me. I've never seen a coffee have this aesthetic before..."

    --Zach M. 


  • Grinning Grizzlies

    "I am a truck driver here in Washington and I had stopped for a break at the ‘red mountain coffee’ shop at the summit of Snoqualmie pass and got a cup of what was brewing and saw the ‘Grin and Bear It’ T-shirt they had on display. My kid’s school mascot is the Bruin so I just had to have it...

    —N. Matthews, Everett, Washington

  • It's All In The Name

    “Like many new products I buy, it was the label of Dead Man's Reach that caught my eye, sitting right there next to 3-Peckered Billy Goat. I mean, really, if a someone is bold enough to market a product with names like that I figure it has to be pretty special or pretty awful. I am fairly picky about my coffee...

    —H. Dixon, Pullman, Washington