10oz Limited Edition: Espresso Chocolón™ Coffee

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Dark Roast
10oz Limited Edition: Espresso Chocolón™ Coffee

Buttery mouthfeel with a ripe, fruity sweetness, resonant depth, heavy body, and dreamy finish.


Central/South America

Summon the warmth and colors of Mexico.

Grab a bag and receive a complimentary tasting notes card.

The Espresso Chocolón™ Story

The miraculous coffees of Chocolón are shade grown high in the forests of the state of Nayarit in Mexico, within the confines of an Ecological Reserve and migratory bird flyway, and are cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Espresso Chocolón’s naturally processed coffees offer a gorgeous crema and buttery mouthfeel. We’ve dubbed this the, “Moka of the Americas.” 

Last Offered: April 2018

Dark Roast

Some might even term this an “espresso roast” and many of our favorite coffees for espresso are roasted to this level. These blends are the dark-brown color of chocolate and have a shimmer of oil on their surface which can appear in the cup when brewed. The flavors from the beans begin to be eclipsed by those from the roast. However, the beauty of the origins still shine through the symphony of nutty, caramel, and chocolate notes commonly present in these blends.

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